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First Aid:

What Does it All MEAN?

People have been asking what the real meaning of life is for centuries. Every group of people have recognized that their lives have to mean more than where they live and what they do. These answers just don't satisfy.

You  Are

Worth More

Everybody is born with a God-shaped hole in their heart. It often shows up as a wanting to feel loved or appreciated, that you are worth more than just your station in life. This is because you are.

There IS a God

The truth is that there is a God and he loves you completely, no matter what you've done. He even sacrificed his only son, Jesus, so that you can live with him forever. Don't get tripped up by the details or arguments or other stuff that makes it seem tough. It's just that easy.

you are Loved

When you're able to accept that you're very important and entirely loved, you can work through all that other stuff later. You can just talk to God yourself and tell him that you want this, without needing to know a bunch of fancy things to say. You can do it yourself, but if you want help, fill out the contact form and ask for it. No pressure.

 Propaganda -

The Gospel in Four Minutes

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