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Meet our


Patricia is an Ordained Elder in the Free Methodist denomination and also serves as the Global Associate (G.A.P.) Prayer Missionary for the North Michigan Conference and beyond. The focus has been to build the church up through prayer and biblical warfare to become a House of Prayer for all nations. She has had over 30 years of ministry experience in the areas of inner healing, deliverance, and transformation of the heart. She studied and received her ordination through the North Michigan Free Methodist School of Ministry-USA. She holds a certification in Biblical Counseling with the American Association of Christian Counselors from Light Learning Institute in Forest, VG. Patricia has also received spiritual training from Life Center for Spiritual Growth based in Grand Rapids and also attended Mount Hope Bible Training Institute in Lansing. In addition, she facilitated the North Michigan Arise Prayer and Worship Team for approximately 4 years- which consisted of a group of worshipers and intercessors that led the NMC into God’s presence through a time of healing prayer, revival focus, and anointed worship. She was also the founder/director of Koinonia Life Ministries (with a spiritual formation focus) and founder of Radiant Bride Retreat Ministries- where many women were set free through the power and presence of Jesus Christ. She served as a consecrated Deacon and was a prayer team chairperson in several of her former churches. She also served as the senior pastor of the Millbrook FMC for 12 years, and also served as an interim/part time pastor in several other churches. Patricia is now serving as lead pastor at Mancelona FM House of Prayer. Her mandate is to infuse the church with these biblical principles of Heavens Rehearsal- helping to prepare them to know their identity as the sanctified Bride of Jesus Christ and learn to live in authentic heart holiness- being made ready for the soon and coming arrival of the Bridegroom, God and King Jesus. Patricia cherishes her Christian heritage as a fifth generation Free Methodist (four of which were ordained). She is following in the footsteps of her great-grandmother, the Reverend Coda Mae Butler who was an Ordained Deacon in the North Michigan FM Conference. According to her legacy, this powerhouse of a woman had the gift of healing and traveled the country leading tent revivals with “The Rev. Coda Butler Evangelistic Party.” This team included her 3 daughters: the famous Butler Sisters who danced in the Holy Spirit and also Patricia’s grandmother The Rev. Falice Ann Tefft who was an Ordained Evangelist. These 3 women would sing together in perfect harmony as the worship team. In her obituary Rev. Coda was accurately described as a passionate soul-winner, fearless preacher, church-planter, warrior of the cross, an ardent burden-bearer, and a trailblazer in building and advancing the Kingdom of God in the early to mid 1900’s. Patricia holds this heritage in high regard and respect as she humbly continues to learn to live as her family forerunners did… in God’s Holy Presence. Patricia has two sons who are faithful, two daughters’ in-law who are beautiful and precious grandchildren of eight. In the name of Jesus Christ, Heavens Rehearsal is her legacy to them… for they are her heritage, her heart, and her love. You are invited to join in this ministry with our precious Holy Spirit to proclaim: “Come Jesus Come!” As we rehearse together here on earth for Heavens Eternity… and prepare for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb

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